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In-Home Staging Consultations

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If you are selling your home, we’ll give you the staging information that you need.

Room-by-room, we'll help you to sift through decisions and details while we record our staging recommendations. Your on-the-spot, written report will include very specific suggestions about how to best prepare your home before you list.

Buyers are looking for organized, clean and attractive properties that they can imagine as their own.  We will help you get there so that you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

Included in your consultation will be decorating, packing and organizing tips.  Need a painter for those touch-ups?  Ask us!  Need a professional photographer or a recommendation for a realtor?  Ask us!  Over the years, we have provided consultations to hundreds of homeowners and have made connections that we can share with you.  

We are committed to arriving on time, answering your questions, returning your messages, respecting your privacy and providing you with extraordinary staging advice.  That's our promise!

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Please contact us if you would like more information about our services in Saskatoon or Prince Albert, or would like to book a staging appointment: